Body butter is not just your typical lotion that only moisturizes dry skin. It is a non-greasy whipped butter in a tub that intensively soothes cracked skin and callus, especially on the feet. One tub is full of Vitamin A that comes from its active ingredient - SHEA BUTTER!

Aromatic Bamboo Relax and rejuvenate your skin with our Bamboo scented crème. Formulated to visibly improve skin’s texture leaving it feeling smooth, fresh, and radiant. Php 180.00 
Bed Of Roses Php 130.00
Cherry Blossom A romantic and delicately scented body puree which promises to hydrate your skin with moisture that lasts all day. It is non-greasy in a yummy gel form suitable for daily use especially after bath. Php 190.00
Citrus Splash Php 60.00 
Cotton Blossom Be delighted by the clean, fresh, and powdery scent of this magic-in-a-bottle. It is non-greasy, light, and calming gel moisturizer ideal for soothing dry skin in an instant. Php 190.00
Cucumber Php 130.00
Delicious Captivate everyone that passes your way. Lavishly spray on a blend of apple, rose, orchid, white lily, and cucumber. Php 170.00
Kiss Be invigorated with this heavenly wonder. Encapsulated in this bottle is the fruity scent of plum and peach. Bring to life and let it kiss your woes bye bye. Php 170.00
Love Reminisce on the love you had in our intriguing fragrance blend of orange, ylang-ylang, cedar, and pink rose. Experience nostalgia, unleash passion with each spray and fall in love all over again. Php 170.00
Melon Burst Php 60.00 
More Than Just Oats Exfoliates dead skin cells Php 140.00
Oh La Luxe! Restores skin elasticity Php 140.00
Pink Blossom Php 60.00 
Promegranate Cider Have your sweet time moisturizing your skin with the welcoming aroma of Pomegranate plus a hint of Cider – a unique combination which can spell addiction! Php 190.00
Secret Garden Php 100.00
Spotless Whitens dark spots and blemishes Php 140.00
Summer Berries Php 100.00
Sweet Indulge yourself in sweet scent of crisp apple and fresh lily. Spritz all over your body and fancy everyone with your youthful vibe. Php 170.00
Sweet Pea The all-time favorite Sweet Pea scent is now infused in our body crème. Not only will it deeply conditions skin, but also leave it fragrant and sweet. Php 180.00
Tea Scentsation Php 100.00
Totally Banished! Cleanses skin and treats acne Php 140.00
Twice the Charm Intensive skin whitening Php 140.00
Warm Vanilla Moisturize skin with some Vanilla-flavored goodness. Our body crèmes will hydrate skin leaving it soft and more beautiful than ever before. Php 180.00
Wild Berries Php 60.00 
Wild Berry Php 130.00